121 webcam Webcam 1 to 1 xxx

Webcam is being disposed only when you call it manually or the JVM is gracefully closed. I ran in debug mode and yes there are various pool threads running in the background.After webcam is disposed it cannot be used (open) any more. I did a very simple JFrame with one button that opens a JDialog: @rickguise, I found the root cause and will fix this, however I will need to test few scenarios to check if I didn't break anything.

Many thanks for your help, I am pretty desperate and still hope it is not a hardware issue, but rather a driver issue that I have overlooked...

I transformed the Webcam Viewer Example to a JDialog which is called from a JFrame and works fine until I close and reopen the dialog where the FPS falls to half.

Each time I reopen the Dialog, the frames fall some more until the image is very slow.

Hi , after a clean install of my X121e with Win 7 Pro 64-bit and all the drivers from the Lenovo Support website, I still cannot get my internal webcam up and running.

It does not work , and is not shown in device manager.

Instead, when trying to install the webcam driver, towards the end of the installation process, the setup asks me to 'plugin' the USB device.With a built-in webcam, there is not much to plug-in, I'd think.The println indicates multiple "webcam open" and "webcam closed", for example, the third time I open the JDialog, I get 3 "webcam open".I also tried putting webcam.close() and panel.stop() in the webcam Closed event.Is this a Dispose problem, I cannot get the webcam Disposed event to fire.Thanks I suppose that after you dispose the dialog there is a thread remaining in background which is still fetching images from webcam (this would make FPS to drop by 1/2 at the first time, then by 1/3, then by 1/4 and so on), but it's really hard to say anything when I do not see the code - please try to run your app in debug and check threads list - you can then manually stop and start each one of them, which will make debugging easier.