Are amy and kevin from miss advised still dating

I mean, this love broker doesn't miss a thing, or maybe she just has eyes in the back of her head (or reflective elbows).At the party, an older looking, well-dressed cocky type was checking out a 20-something-year-old girl crossing his path. " I quickly protested, as I see young girls with old dudes all the time -- to which Amy quipped "She would have to either be a gold digger or have major daddy issues to want a relationship with someone as old as her father.'' OUCH!

See examples like the hit Millionaire Matchmaker or a newer series like Pregnant In Heels, where spoiled, urban couples are prepared for parenthood.

The network’s newest foray into this are is Miss Advised, which follows three “relationship experts” in three different cities as they attempt to follow their own glossy advice regarding the dating world and find their own happiness.

The three women who are having the tables turned include a sex writer/radio host living in San Francisco named Emily Morse, a successful matchmaker in New York named Amy Laurent, and a dating columnist in Chicago named Julia Allison.

On August 21, I sat waiting patiently for Amy to show up at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Summer party in a nondescript building/club called No.8, I wondered, how is it that this professional matchmaker is still single?

And why is she late despite the fact that lateness is one of her biggest pet-peeves?

Well, Amy finally showed up for the event and, as it turns out, she had a valid reason.Obama was in town jamming up midtown traffic for his $20,000-a-head campaigning dinner/game of hoops with Michael Jordan, so I had to let her slide.Speaking of sliding, I guess girls really do put themselves through more than us guys know just to keep themselves looking pretty.Being true to her reputation of being 'real,' within two seconds of meeting me Amy informed me that she may have moisturized a little too much before leaving her place, apologizing for being 'super shiny' as she laughed off her mistake by pretending to wipe her overly lubed arm on my jacket. I was initially expecting a super high maintenance pain in the neck, or one of those a fuddy-duddy yenta-esque matchmakers. To be completely honest here, her super shiny tan legs didn't bother me much either -- We'll leave it at that.Throughout the night Amy worked the room effortlessly, and with a front row seat I got to see this shiny woman in action.Basically, every girl sans a man approached her wanting to sign up for her services and to talk about her new book Amy may also have some sort of special power.