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Have you ever been on a set of interviews and thought to yourself, this feels a lot like being on the “The Dating Game?

Or maybe I’m confusing “The Dating Game” with “The Bachelor,” although at least in that show, there’s several weeks to get to know the applicants vying for the position of The Bachelor’s “leading lady.” Which is more than we can say for “The Dating Game” …. When you think about it, it’s a little absurd what employers and job seekers hope to gleam from 30-minutes to a couple of hours of conversation over the course of what is the standard interview process.

Republicans attempted to show that they're really trying to reach out to women voters by talking about women as “ornamental” and playing music from "The Dating Game" television show during a recent gubernatorial debate.

Three of the four candidates running in the Republican primary to challenge Colorado Gov. At the beginning of the debate, called "Women and Colorado’s Future," the moderator explained that it would be like a dating game, where the panel would interview the three “bachelors." He invited the panelists to join him and the candidates on stage, remarking, “It’s so much more ornamental if the four of you would be on the stage with the four of us." Theme music from "The Dating Game" television show was played as the women approached the stage.

John Hickenlooper (D) gathered for an event at Colorado Christian University Tuesday in the hopes of highlighting what makes them attractive candidates to female voters. Bob Beauprez (R-Colo.), former state Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp (R) and Secretary of State Scott Gessler (R) -- were asked questions by a panel of women. As the Colorado Independent reports, topics such as reproductive health care, equal pay, personhood amendments, sexual harassment, domestic violence and childcare weren't brought up.

The biggest state push to strip the organization of funds came from Republicans in 20, and while some laws were passed, most have been found unconstitutional by court rulings.

The GOP's demonization of Planned Parenthood has been far more unpopular than Santorum suggests, but that didn't stop congressional Republicans from eagerly continuing their crusade to eliminate its federal funding earlier this year with a pair of new bills that haven't moved forward.I enjoyed Cherry Lewis’s fascinating biography of Arthur Holmes (1890–1965), the English geologist famous for his work on radioactive dating and the age of the earth.Instead, the candidates faced questions about which women they admire, job creation and oil drilling. An April Quinnipiac University poll found Hickenlooper leading each of his potential Republican opponents by wide margins, largely because of his support among women voters as well as independents.include defunding the women's health services provider as a staple of his recent three-point plan to revitalize the GOP.“[W]e are going to push Republican congressional leaders to defund the monstrosity that is Planned Parenthood,” Santorum said in an April fundraising plea, according to Raw Story.“Too many in the GOP want to ignore the millions of innocent lives that have been extinguished by this vile organization. The polls prove it.” If threatening Planned Parenthood -- and the pap smears, STI screenings, breast exams and contraceptives that comprise 97 percent of its services -- seems somewhat passé, that's because it kind of is.