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By intervening early, we hope to dismiss the case or position our client for the best possible outcome under the circumstances. I am a Council Bluffs criminal defense lawyer with experience in sex offense cases.Contact me if you were arrested for sex crimes in southwest Iowa.

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I will do everything possible to prevent the character assassination and the devastation of a no-contact order or supervised visitation with your own kids.

In plea negotiations or at trial, I will fight to prevent a sex crime conviction or minimize the criminal punishment and collateral damage.

I am confident I can improve your situation, no matter how bleak things look.

Particularly in cases involving young children, the state's case is suspect.

Investigators often inadvertently plant false accusations by asking the child the same question repeatedly until they get the desired response.

I review the records of the interview and introduce the published science that casts doubt on such elicited testimony of children.I have also defended clients accused of molestation amid divorce and custody disputes.Few things are more lonely and more devastating than being charged with a sex offense.The allegations alone can destroy careers and tear families apart.A conviction may mean prison and registering forever as a sex offender. I believe that every person accused of a crime has a right to a defense.I know that many times the charges turn out to a baseless travesty.