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The owners of the principle dwelling: are usually the children, grandchildren or other close relatives of the garden suite occupants.

Once the people designated to live in the garden suite move out, it may be possible to apply to the municipality for another family member meeting the criteria to move in. They can be barrier-free and should be easy to maintain.

Garden suites are an affordable housing option for family members requiring some level of care, but who also want to maintain independence.

Your municipality may have planning or zoning regulations governing garden suites.

These regulations can set restrictions, such as distance from the permanent house, parking requirements, how long a garden suite can stay on a lot and the appearance of the garden suite.

Figure 1 Floor plan of a garden suite Garden suites are usually intended for individuals or couples over the age of 65 who can live independently, or for people with disabilities.The people living in the permanent dwelling, or the “principle dwelling” — can provide the care and support to those living in the garden suite.She sucks cum between sleep periods and he eats her pussy good, she spays her cum into his mouth. A garden suite — sometimes called a granny flat — is a self-contained dwelling without a basement.It is installed in the rear or side yard of a lot with an existing, permanent, single-family house.Usually, a garden suite has a kitchen, living area, one or two bedrooms, bathroom and storage space (see Figure 1).