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We weren't perfect in fulfilling our commitment to purity, but with God's help and the right focus we were able to back up in our level of sexual involvement so we could get to a place where our purity honored the Lord and strengthened our dating relationship.

Culture implies that once you "go all the way," you can't go backward, and most people would agree that it can't be done.

As believers, we know that God forgives us and promises to forget our sin when we confess and repent — but do we really identify with that kind of freedom? We (Eric and Erica) have asked all the same questions of our own relationship.

We dated for what felt like a very long five years, and crossed more physical boundaries during our first couple of years together than we'd like to admit.

Then, after two years of dating, God helped us to understand His will for purity in our life.

I occasionally brought up the topic of purity in conversation with Eric, and he would always be open to the discussion.

Unfortunately, things wouldn't really change, and we would find ourselves right back in sexual sin.It was not until both of us were fully committed to honoring God in the area of sexual purity that we made strides toward our goal in the relationship.If you aren't both fully on board in the fight for sexual purity, then you will usually push the boundaries.God's Word should be the standard for Christian couples, and it is clear that there should not even be a "hint of sexual sin" (Ephesians 5:3, NIRV).Another part of having a unified vision for purity includes the need for you to have repentant hearts.Repentance means turning 180 degrees and walking away from sin.