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Cliff's List Convention 2005 Doc stood out as one of the most popular speakers at this three day convention of dating and sex gurus. Listen to a previously recorded excerpt of the Passion show. Essential Dating Skills for Men, given at the Learning Annex in Toronto, October 18 2003. Laurie Betito on CJAD 800 AM Montreal at midnight-AM Saturday and CFRB 1010 AM Toronto 11PM-12AM Saturday and AM-AM Sunday. SABONGUI HAS SPOKEN: Double Your Dating Doc recently spoke at the Chicago 2005 DYD seminar in front of hundreds of attendees who welcomed him enthusiastically.

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For people who want to adopt healthier lifestyles and make new friends.

My husband hates me, how did we reach this point and what can I do now to fix it? When we were little, in all fairy tales, the “bad” people were usually women: the evil step mother, the witch, the ugly sisters.

Find advice and make him love you again like he first met you. We receive a lot of letters from wives that report my husband hates me and they sound desperate because they’ve tried everything. Well, let’s break down his walls together and identify the real root of the problem. On the other hand, you always read about Prince Charm that he comes to the rescue.

Cliff's List The most well respected and longest running free email list in the seduction community. Sabongui or with one of his certified and accredited health care associates.

Cliff's interview with Doc is legendary in the community of seducers. Fast, one of the main sites on the internet to post your "field reports" and discuss seduction with other members of the worldwide community. Wellness Professionals Alliance Dynamic team of experts focused on skills training seminars and interventions that are designed to improve the functioning of individuals and organizations.

A copy of this interview is also available here on our LIFESKILLS Network site. Clinique Alpha Canada's top health services clinic, located in beautiful Old Montreal, Quebec. At Wellness Professionals, our core philosophy is that people are the engine that drive organizations.The health and well being of any organization starts with the individual well being of its staff. Located in Old Montreal, supported by Clinique Médicale Alpha.To experience the full impact of Doc's awesome advice, get the DVD box set and watch Doc's live presentation. OTHER GREAT RESOURCES: Mystery Method / Love Systems Mystery, a.k.a.Erik von Markovic, is the tall illusionist from Toronto, who developed himself into a world class seduction guru while engineering one of the most interesting seduction methods available today.Doc guided Neil Strauss (Rolling Stone columnist and author of five top selling books, also known as "Style") to save Mystery from near self-destruction in best-seller "The Game".Mystery was based in Los Angeles, later relocated to Las Vegas, and today offers workshops on Picking Up Strippers and Magic For Seduction.