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Shido Itsuka, who used to be a normal high school student at Raizen High, meets the first Spirit, Tohka, and awakens his power to "seal the Spirit's power".

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While that’s partially right, it also adds additional elements because those so-called girls aren’t actually normal as part of society.

Instead, they are spirits, born with supernatural powers who are viewed as a threat to their world.

Date a Live II continues directly after the events for season 1.

It continues to mush around its formulation of dating and turns it into some gimmicky show – dating becoming the solution to save the world.

Based off the light novels written by Koishi Tachibana, one noticeable attribute to this adaption is the shortened length.

Rather than a full one cour show (the typical 12-13 episodes), this sequel only focuses on 10 episodes adapting volumes 5-7.The main concern is rush and this should be expected.I confess to myself that the sequel is disappointing when it comes to adapting faithful material.The show decides to omit various parts to get more time for the main actors and actresses. After all, Date a Live II is a stardom for some new characters such as a pair of twins, new AST (Anti-Spirit Team) members, and even a rising idol.The catch is that some of the focus on other character are scrapped to replace their stardom.The sequel is essentially divided into two halves although the first arc has slightly less material than the second.