Dating a man who didn39t go to college

More → Welcome back to Dating With Science, in which we illuminate the mysteries of romance using only the finest peer-reviewed science, and, occasionally, the spare science we dig out from between the couch cushions.Today's topic: girl brains, and whether or not boys find them t More → If there's anything we've learned about Alexander Hamilton from one whole year of rap battles and choreographed dance numbers, it's that he had a lot to say.In fact, the man was so voluble that I'm surprised he doesn't rise from the grave every time anyone anywhere express More → A week ago I was in New York City, wandering the streets in search of Pidgeys and that elusive Tauros.

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My boyfriend of over a year sent me a link to a game via Dropbox, but he didn't just send me the link; he sent the entirety of his Dropbox contents on accident. More → , the more I am given to understand that I was supposed to be a wizard.

Magic is all about sporting questionable outfits and shouting nonsense in public, and I already do both of those things. More → to be named after him, don't think we're giving Potter a pass.

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