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Find out more about the factors that you need to consider when choosing a CD below.Markit receives contributed CDS data on corporate, sovereign and municipal CDS single names and indices from marketmakers’ official books of record.Markit applies a rigorous curve-based cleaning process to the contributed data, discarding data that fails these cleaning tests.

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Rates on certificates of deposits were unchanged this week, according to Bankrate's latest survey of rates.

The 5-year CD yield remained at 0.81% for the second straight week.

The typical 1-year CD yield stayed at 0.29% for the eighth week.

For a deposit of $100,000, the average 1-year jumbo CD yield held at 0.33% for the third consecutive week.

The 5-year jumbo CD yield stayed at 0.86% for the second straight week.

The average money market account yield stayed at 0.11% for the ninth consecutive week.A certificate of deposit, or CD, is one of the safest and most predictable investments around.As long as the CD is backed by the FDIC, it's guaranteed not to lose principal, and in most cases, investors can count on earning a stable return for the full term of the CD.Customers can view the data in summary or graphical form on the web, or retrieve the data through an automated feed, web download or Markit Desktop.Applicants should note that there will be a ceiling on the number of candidates allotted to each of the Centres except Delhi, Chennai, Dispur, Kolkata and Nagpur.Allotment of Centres will be on the 'first-apply-first allot' basis, and once the capacity of a particular Centre is attained, the same will be frozen.