Dating paiste 2016 cymbals

Pinning down the specifics of Phil's cymbals is tough.

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And while it mentions cymbal brands, it doesn't list any cymbal models unfortunately.

According to Paiste themselves, Phil's set up around the Duke/ Abacab era included a 2002 china type and hi hat, with Formula 602 crashes and ride.

I think he often used a Zildjian Swish as his Chinas most of the time, in spite of his endorsements.

Paiste Cymbals are at the forefront of cymbal, gong and percussion design, and well-respected amongst drummers and percussionists.

His cymbal sounds around Face Value/Abacab/Three Sides Live seem to be mostly 2002.

Phil switched to Sabian in 1983, mostly playing the HH line, but he used whatever he liked the sound of.Even as late as his 1997 tour I spotted a Sound Edge hi hat in his set up.I'm familiar with the site, but it isn't complete and has some inaccuracies here and there.The cymbals Paiste create are extremely versatile and hold the potential for wide application and experimentation.At Gear4music we stock an expansive range of Paiste cymbals and cymbal packs.View All Information Paiste cymbals are the preferred choice of many professional drummers including Phil Rudd (AC/DC), Larry Mullen Jr. The percussion specialists at Gear4music have sourced a huge range of Paiste cymbals and cymbal packs, suitable for a wide range of applications and budgets, from the PST3, PST5, Alpha, RUDE, 2002 and the new PST8 series.