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Today, we will take a look at some of the ways you can reserve a seat for yourself on a train and what you would require to do.

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You need to carry some photo identification along with your ticket.

This ID is checked by the travelling ticket examiner (TTE) while on the train.

The following are considered valid forms of ID: Voter identity card, passport, PAN card, driving licence, photo ID card issued by Central/state government, student identity card with photograph issued by recognized school/college for their students, nationalized bank passbook with photograph, credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph.

For non-Indians, their passport will constitute sole authorized ID.

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Booking a train ticket has become a lot less cumbersome since train services were started in Goa.Agents offer services to book tickets and it's also just as simple to book your own ticket on the internet.Those who are not internet savvy or can't find an agent easily, going to a railway station and booking a ticket is the best way.One compartment of the lowest class is reserved for ladies in every passenger train.Some berths/seats in sleeper class and second class seats are also earmarked for ladies at the train originating station.Male passengers found occupying or attempting to occupy such compartments are liable to be prosecuted apart from being removed from the compartment. You can check the status of your booking, ie your seat number, at any time by sending an SMS with your 10-digit PNR number to 139.