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Egypt sadly this morning brought out the worst in me - Went into a shop this morning and the guy tried the 50 LE you have me 50 piastres trick and had put the money in the till. I told him you can wipe that smile off your face you thief and he still not budge so I took my sandal off and slammed it on his counter up and down and said I was not leaving until I got my money and I was going to phone the police.

It's understandable that this man annoyed you but was there any need to get aggressive to the point of banging your sandal and knocking some cans of a shelf?

I find it's more effective and you'll get better results if you're polite, tell him he's made a mistake and if he continues to deny what he's done then tell him you'll go and get the police.

You've got to understand that small, independent retailers are more than likely to try it on with you and you've also got to remember that although you're living here you're going to be seen as a tourist for a long time yet as Sharm is a tourist resort.

Try using smaller notes and coins as well, it's easier. that's right, being agressive will get you nowhere.

Then as soon as you are in there he wants you to look at all his junk that's right, being agressive will get you nowhere.

Straight talking works wonders without the aggression.My wife now has the local shopkeeper making everyone stand in line in an orderly fashion to be served when she appears. Not only that I get the correct change, every time, to the nearest piastre for my beer bill in one of the local hotels after having a quiet word with one of the staff when short changed.I often find myself laughing everytime someone is trying to rip me off and it leads to the price coming down.Mind you, as MS said, once you start to frequent a shop and become known, you will find that shop owners/assistands are more friendly and fair and you will pay near egyptian prices.Try using smaller notes and coins as well, it's easier. I agree 100% what you are saying I am not an aggressive person I was very polite I think this has been a culmination of over a week of being driven nuts in my life I can only count 2 times I lost the plot I keep all my coins in a little camera bag..I even have the guys at the metro want to keep 25 - 50 piastres and need to count my change one guy scanned my hair gel twice I saw him do it and I certainly am not going to pay 32 LE twice - If they asked do you mind if we keep 50 piastres I would say yes but don't just assume I won't get into that one as you probably get this at EVERY shop however the little supermarket next to Arab Sat in Jasmine Centre- near the corner AVOID - he will charge double for everything as I know metro prices and wanted 30 LE for some cigarettes I was getting for the security guard that should only be 10 LE and he was all up in arms about it.