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New research in mice shows that because their immune systems do not operate at the same efficiency ...Laundry pod detergents are far more likely to cause poisoning injuries in young children than are nonpod laundry detergents, and are four times more likely to lead to hospitalization, according to findings published today ...

Home cooked meals specifically designed for infants and young children, are not always better than commercially available baby foods, suggests research published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.

If you think it's too challenging to get young kids to willingly take vegetables, think again!

The same methods that fast food and candy companies use to market food to children - colorful banners, exciting characters, and ...

Schools are commonly known as breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria, but this may not necessarily be linked to hygiene.

Weighing up the available evidence, Olivia Solon explains that she might be worrying too much.

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