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We’ve blogged quite a bit about Yanet Garcia, the hot Mexican weathergirl that the Internet is completely obsessed with.

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He’s famous not only for great music but also for dating hot famous women.

So let’s take a closer look on his personal life now.

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In 2003, Diplo started dating hot British rapper with Sri Lankan roots, M. But Diplo must be rally catch since he didn’t stay single.

He started a romance with another hot girl, Kathryn Lockhart.

Kathryn gave birth to their son Lockett and while she was pregnant with their second son, Lazer, Diplo broke up with her. And who was his next girlfriend for which he left his growing family? They attended for example 2014 MTV VMAs as a couple, wearing both light blue denim outfits. Diplo was born November 10, 1978 in Tupelo, Mississippi.He studied at University of Central Florida and Temple University but his biggest passion was always DJing and rap.He and DJ Low Budget formed duo called Hooked on Hollertronix.Later, in his solo career, he started using nickname Diplo that evolved from his former Diplodocus moniker. This relationship lasted until their breakup in 2008.