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With so many crime solving dramas on TV these days we’ve all become exposed to forensic science and what it can do for our investigation agencies. A blood splatter analyst can give an accurate idea from where a bullet was shot.

When her soldiers returned with a viciously mutilated head Agrippina knew it to be the head of her rival, Lollia, after seeing the woman’s distinctively discolored front teeth.

In 1692, in the United States during the Salem Witch trials Rev. In a previous blog it was discussed that humans start developing teeth as early as 14 weeks in the womb.

Burroughs was sentenced to hang for a murder after his bite marks were compared to matching marks found on a victim. Everything the mother does ends up affecting the fetus in small ways, including how the teeth are developed.

During and after the Revolutionary War, Paul Revere (a blacksmith and dentist by trade) helped identify soldiers and civilians who died in battle and were buried on the battlefield by their teeth and dental work. Joseph Warren, the man who sent him on his famous ride, because Revere had made a partial for Dr. Teeth and dental work are like fingerprints and snowflakes. Once the child starts using those teeth, everything that person does throughout the rest of his/her life reflects in the teeth.

By examining the teeth, a forensic dentist can determine age, gender and race based on the structure and size of the teeth and jaw.

All of these things leave specific markers on a person’s teeth.Calculating all these factors can give the forensic dentist, pathologist, M. and investigating agency many clues to find the identity of the unidentified body.Forensic dentists can use their vast knowledge to identify human remains as well as determine age, gender, race, occupation, previous dental history and socioeconomic status.Identification is done by comparing ante mortem dental records to the post mortem records through the use of x-rays.Another type of evidence is bite mark analysis, wherein a dentist will make a cast of the suspects teeth and compare them to bite marks found on a victim or at the scene of a crime.It’s hard to say exactly when in history the idea to use teeth to help in an investigation was, but there are many examples dating back as far as ancient Rome. C., Agrippina, mother of the Roman Emperor Nero, ordered the death of a rival named Lollia Paulina.