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Dans son sillage, celle-ci convainc les femmes des cités grecques d'opérer une véritable grève du sexe.La pièce fit à l'époque scandale en donnant aux femmes le pouvoir, à une époque où celles-ci se voyaient reléguer à l'entretien de la maison.Vu ainsi, Chi-Raq sonne comme un nom bien énigmatique.

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A recent survey by the Association of American Universities found that more than 10% of respondents had been assaulted by men wanting sex.

Nearly a quarter said they had been the victim of an unwanted sexual advance.

Lee also praised the release of dashcam footage showing white police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan Mc Donald dead.

Van Dyke has since been charged with murder while Chicago has erupted in protests.

Want to go on a medieval-themed date with your mom to the Ballston Common Mall food court? Chick-fil-A’s Ballston mall and Crystal City locations, along with the chain’s 49 other D. area restaurants, are hosting a “Date Knight” for mothers and sons from to p.m. “During this special medieval-themed evening, moms and their sons are encouraged to spend some time together while they enjoy dinner, great conversation and several special activities,” the company said in a press release.

“Every Mother-Son pair will also receive a place mat with fun questions and topics to get the conversation started, and a take-home booklet that provides ideas for future dates and questions that both moms and their sons can ask each other.” The “special activities” are free, but diners still have to pay for the food.“One of Chick-fil-A’s goals is to promote community connections and enrich the lives of everyone we come in contact with,” Erik Amick, a Chick-fil-A franchise operator, said in a statement.“We understand the importance of mother-son relationships and want to encourage area moms to come to Chick-fil-A, enjoy their son’s company over a meal and have fun!” Interested customers can make “Date Knight” reservations online.Currently, the Ballston Chick-fil-A has 53 reservations available, while Crystal City has 49 reservations remaining.Chi-Raq est une transposition moderne de la comédie grecque antique Lysistrata, écrite par Aristophane en 411 avant J. En un acte, l'auteur des Thesmophories imagine la décision courageuse d'une Athénienne de refuser les envies sexuelles de son mari, parti faire la guerre contre Sparte. Mettre un terme aux barbaries masculines et pousser les combattants à retrouver la raison.