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You want them to be healthy for themselves, for potential kids, and so that you have someone to grow old with. Maybe you’re not in a relationship right now and all this talk of growing old, marriage and kids can freak you out.

All I’m suggesting is that if you date people that also have an interest in fitness you’ll always have that in common.

Looks aren’t everything, but I don’t think there’s any denying that the first thing that usually attracts us to each other is physical appearance.

Now what if you met someone that you think you could really hit it off with mentally, but they were a couch potato and didn’t want to do anything that required breaking a sweat?

What if they’re in OK shape now, but after a few years of being sedentary they wind up putting on some un-needed pounds?

It would be pretty low to break up with someone just because they gained some fat wouldn’t it?After all you care about this person and want them to be healthy.If you would like to send messages then we have offer a subscription service as detailed below.We offer 4 lengths of subscriptions 1 month (£19.99), 3 months (£39.99), 6 months (£69.99) and 1 year (£99.99) The subscriptions renew automatically for your convenience.You can review and manage all of your subscriptions from their personal account page, including cancelling the automatic renewal of a subscription.If you’re anything like me fitness isn’t just a hobby. Whether you like to train at the gym, or prefer staying active by doing road races, hiking, playing sports or doing other outdoor activities, it’s just a part of your life.