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Afterwards you have the option to upload photos to support your registration on Catholic Dating UK.

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Back in 2014, after spending time trying out various online dating websites and talking to friends, we realised that there was nothing that catered for the needs of the UK and Irish Catholic community.

Nobody wants to pay a large monthly fee for an off-target community of American singles!

Our mission was to create something which was: We started on this journey in the second half of 2014, finally releasing Catholic Online Dating UK & Ireland in early 2015.

We are continuing to add new features as we grow along with the community.

Most recently we've released free Android and Amazon store mobile apps, which were the first Catholic Dating apps on those stores in the world!

Compared to the existing large Christian dating websites we are flexible and open to users’ feedback.We’d love for you to join us on social media to share in this development with us: “The Church — I repeat once again — is not a relief organization, an enterprise or an NGO, but a community of people, animated by the Holy Spirit, who have lived and are living the wonder of the encounter with Jesus Christ and want to share this experience of deep joy, the message of salvation that the Lord gave us.” Q) I am 17 years old, can I join?A) Unfortunately we only allow users aged 18 and above. If you suspect that another user is underage, please let us know.In these cases we will temporarily suspend the profile until the user can provide proof of age.Q) How do you ensure that you attract the right type of membership for a Catholic Dating website?A) When you register as a new user, you fill your details and answer some questions on Catholic themes.