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She and I will be ready at that time to make the most important change in our lives, to live happily together.Thank you live date search for making this all possible.How to meet Singles On-line By: David Newton (c) 2007 You don’t need to be single and lonely in the Internet Age If you are single and lonely today then don’t despair.

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One fault is that there are alott of scammers on the Site. Thank you Live date Search Success story of online dating: i cant say in the words was like a movie with the happiend end this sait was write in one week wath i feel and i wait entire life perfect woman for me. Now i am happy and i believe we would spend the rest of our life together as husband and wife Success story of online dating: I like this site and the way you got it set up, many nice ladies other than the nigerian scammer I run into, it's hard to chose one when there's so many :) but I think that I found the one, if not I will be back! Success story of online dating: I never thought it would happen...

Success story of online dating: Outstanding website, for a free site, (and I mean free), Finally a site to where you can accually send msg to another person. Other than that, we both found your mates and hopefully well will be together soon. Success story of online dating: Kudos to livedatesearch, couldnt believe this, i joined this site yesterday and i have found my love right now.

:-) Success story of online dating: I got to know a beautiful filipina girl here, on this website about three months ago.. we fell in love with each other and I'll visit her in the Philippines this may to see each other personally. Best wishes: Steve from Hungary Success story of online dating: sche found me here and now iam very happy with here she lifes in chicago and i life in holland abd its going to be a very good and lovely relationship ... Success story of online dating: i found my girl screen name inuska on this great site and i sent a flirt to her well at first she thought i was just a nother american to just talk and email her but did not follow through to going to meet her in her country i am working in europe and i just conected with her online and we had several texts and calls so i came to meet her and her family in koustani kz we all got allong so well and we hit it off from the start by checking eachother profiles and found out we were just alike also talking on the phone is when we meet the first time in person it was just like we have be together before it was like we knew each other allready and i have to say thank you to this site i never thought i would come to love some one so much over the internet yes there are scamers but this was and is real love found in euro friend .r Success story of online dating: i have met a gal from kirov russia. thank you for all your work on this website as if it was not for you i never would have met the woman of my dreams.

It will be another two months before I travel to Russia to meet my new fiance.

There has never been a better time in history to meet and connect with other like-minded singles.

All you need is a computer, Internet access, an e-mail address and a willingness to try.In this series of articles we will give you some great ideas, tips and strategies on how you can expand your social network, meet lots of great new people and potentially meet the man or woman of your dreams.Success story of online dating: i just here for almost two months . In some ways, perhaps better than being in the same city. and finally there's a guy who really caught my attention and we found out that we have a lot things in common. This website took some patience and time, but eventually I found one lady I have been in contact with nearly constantly for two months. The ability to speak for free over the internet has given us the chance to really get to know each other. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other websites and got nothing to show for it. We speak nearly every day and now we use a web cam. now we agreed to deleted this account because we found each other . Success story of online dating: One man write me now and we gonna meet in September in Moscow. I found a wonderful lady from this website and it was FREE!