Gta iv dating michelle

The most famous controversy came in the form of the "Hot Coffee" mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which allowed the player to participate in a graphic sex scene.This mod got extensive coverage not only in the gaming enthusiast press, but in the mainstream press as well.In Grand Theft Auto IV, there's an achievement entitled "Warm Coffee", which is awarded for getting a girl to invite you upstairs.

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Throughout the single-player campaign in Grand Theft Auto IV, you can take Michelle out on dates to various locations throughout Liberty City including bowling alleys, restaurants and bars.

As you take Michelle out on more dates, she becomes more comfortable and fond of you.

After each date, you are given the option to either "press your luck," by suggesting she invite you in for "coffee," or to simply drop her off and leave.

Some of the date options, such as bowling and pool, activate mini-games in which you compete with Michelle.The Grand Theft Auto series of games has always been followed by controversery in relation to its explicit content.In this video you will see everything that can happen during the mission "First Date", what happens when you fail in different ways, the various dialogues...and everything else that you wouldn't take the time to find out yourself. More info: RELATED VIDEOS =============================== Bleed Out (All Possibilities): v=KXro69aj JZg&list=TLotuk0WD3Rr TKAQSx3dya GYo Tw CHq Sdm G =============================== PLAYLISTS =============================== All Possibilities - GTA IV playlist: https://list=PL8E0_qb RVNv SYjuq9Pp PWz Bix5w1188BO All Possibilities - TBo GT playlist: https://list=PL8E0_qb RVNv QN-t Q-g GQABeegxpw1QGVI All Possibilities - TLa D playlist: https://