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Support Our Soldiers was formed in March 2003 to encourage and provide support for members of the British Armed Forces serving overseas and their families at home. Since that time, thanks to the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the British public, over 100,000 morale boosting care parcels have been sent out to those on the frontline, and countless families helped through the very difficult time with their loved ones away on tour.

AFPS75 is a work-related pension scheme that began in 1975.

You may be a member of this scheme if you joined the Armed Forces between 1975 and 5 April 2005.

However, you may have chosen to transfer to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005 (AFPS 05).

Go to pensions Serious injuries incurred on operations are life changing but not only for the injured.

Their family can often bear the brunt of the physical and emotional injury, the stress of hospital visits, rehabilitation appointments, visits from welfare officers, financial managers and all manner of related activity whilst trying to keep normal family life going, is significant to say the least.

Surf Action are a registered Charity whose core purpose is to focus on the well being and support of combat veterans and their families.We use surfing and the beach environment as a means to escape the daily barriers faced by those who have returned from conflict possibly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or physical injuries.A new Armed Forces Pension Scheme (currently referred to as the Future AFPS) will be introduced from April 2015 for all serving personnel (including Reservists who are members of an Armed Forces pension scheme) who are not covered by transitional protection.The key features of the new scheme remain unchanged from the Outline Scheme Design published at the end of July (see Further Information below), but will now also include additional choice in how the Early Departure Payment (EDP) may be taken, depending on individual needs.The EDP will normally be paid as a combined monthly income and lump sum.However, in light of views expressed by Service personnel during consultation the new scheme will also offer the choice to forego the lump sum and convert it into additional monthly income.