Is p diddy dating cameron diaz

“, then we’re both in the same boat, because I sure as hell don’t remember Cameron Diaz and P. Then again, I spent most of the mid-2000s pickling my brain with Dr.Pepper and cheap red wine (I called it a “Medical Malpractice”), so I might have just forgotten.

It hasn't been long since Cameron Diaz separated from New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, but she is already linked romantically to another man.

According to Life & Style Weekly, the Lenore Case of "The Green Hornet" might be dating music mogul P. An insider, however, noted that the 39-year-old actress' relationship with the Diddy-Dirty Money founder is still in the early stages and is "not exclusive".

Though so, it allegedly helped her get over her romance with Alex.

Cameron needs to fulfill her destiny as a shamelessly horny Miami cougar.

You need to set her free, Diddy – the 24-year-old pool boys of the future are depending on it!

Cameron Diaz, 39, and Diddy, 42, were spotted affectionately pawing at each other at New York's Dream Downtown Hotel on December 10th, fueling rumors that the "Charlie's Angels" actress and hip hop artist are dating.paints a decidedly more passionate picture, citing an "eyewitness" who says Diaz and Diddy "were making out like teenagers." The magazine also reported that the duo began dating sometime in October, after they were spotted eating lunch in Beverly Hills.That’s when Diddy got all misty-eyed and said: ” is Diddy working the hell out of a full-body fishnet onesie for a bunch of rowdy sailors on a battleship, and it’s making me far too happy.I don’t blame Diddy for wishing he was still with Cameron, because that bitch seems like all sorts of fun.But you can’t tame a carefree slut like Cammy D; to do so would be like clipping a slutty sparrow’s wings.Besides, even if he was able to get back together with Cameron, it wouldn’t last long.