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Years ago I was told by a confidant of two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey that his father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, had been a member of the American Nazi party.

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I have to give her credit for handling the story with sensitivity, because it is quite awful and a definite betrayal of family secrets.

But there is also a shocking bit buried at the end: Spacey's mother, Kathleen, whom he regularly took to the Oscars and premieres as his "date," apparently died last year.

Spacey has never spoken a word about this monumental event.

Indeed, the last time Kathleen Fowler was in public, as far as I know, was at the premiere of "The Shipping News" in December 2001 at the Museum of Natural History.

She was wearing a large wig, glasses and a bulky sweater. He refused to give any interviews with any press and carried on in a very unpleasant way.

According to Randy's interview, his mother died in March 2003.There is nary a mention of it on the Internet, either, with the exception of a short obituary on Variety's Web site that was put up three weeks after her death.In that write-up, Spacey's father is said to have passed away in 1993.According to Randy's interview, Thomas Fowler died on Christmas Eve, 1992.Of course the big scandal in London concerning Spacey's "mugging" in a park two weeks ago no doubt inspired all parties to this commerce. Randy, shockingly, tells Churcher that he was regularly raped by his own father, whom he also recalls as a pornographer.It sounds like living torture from the descriptions.