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You'll have to find them on your own if that interests you—her lawyer shut that whole thing down.Current Employer: NBC Sports Past Experience: Comcast Sports Net New England Twitter ID: @carolynmanno Twitter Followers: Approaching 5,000 Did You Know: Until recently, Carolyn Manno worked as an anchor and reporter for both Comcast Sports Net and CSNNE in Boston.She covered all of the major sports teams in the area, including the epic 2011 Red Sox collapse.

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She was also the third runner up in the 2010 Miss Florida USA pageant and a former Miss Capital City USA.

Ledlow freelanced as a reporter for both ESPN and NBC before landing a job with Fox Sports Florida.

She currently works as a field reporter covering SEC and ACC football and basketball.

Current Employer: Total College Sports Past Experience: Fox Sports Arizona Twitter ID: @Amanda Pflugrad Twitter Followers: Approaching 5,000 Did You Know: Amanda Pflugrad has been working in broadcasting for the last several years.

But since she's mostly been working in regional markets, she is probably most recognizable from her days as one of the University of Oregon's most beautiful cheerleaders.

That's no small distinction if you're familiar with the Ducks' cheerleaders.Pflugrad created a major stir back in 2009, after pictures of an alcohol-soaked bikini booze cruise started making their rounds on the Web.Most sports fans aren't tuning in to watch their favorite sport to see the seductive sideline reporter.And they probably aren't clicking over to ESPN to see which of its statuesque blondes is co-anchoring the latest edition of It's the same reason nobody tunes in to see Phil Simms or Joe Buck blather on during their live game broadcasts—except that many of the women in the broadcast media are a welcome addition to the sports world rather than a plague on it.There are more women holding prominent positions in the sports media today than ever before.Some have already found unprecedented success, while many others are stars on the rise who are just getting started.