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Kurdish began to appear in writing in a version of the Persian alphabet during the 7th century AD.However for much of their history, the Kurds have prefered to use Arabic, Persian or Turkish for their literary works.

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MESA is dedicated to promoting high standards of scholarship and instruction, to facilitating communication among scholars through annual meetings and publications, and to promoting cooperation among those who study the Middle East." Association for Persian Language, Linguistics and Computing (APL2C) Administrated from the Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh.

"The main focus of APL2C is to provide an environment for further communication among people working on different aspects of Iranian languages and people working in Speech processing and Natural Language Processing (NLP), in Computational Linguistics and Linguistics." Kurdish Institute of Paris Links to language courses, cultural activities, scholarship, publications, and more.

Kurdish Information Network Links to resources in Kurdish Culture, Language, Music, and History.

UCLA Language Materials: Kurdish Language Profile Basic description of language and dialects. An Introductory Course on Kurdish Language [Kurmanji dialect] A nine lesson online course (Kurdish-English) by F. Baran gives a comprehensive and systematic account of grammar of Kurmanji Kurdish (as spoken in Kurdistan region in Turkey). 290 pages in PDF Kurdish Grammar (in Kurdish) Reference: Grammar of Kurdish, Ahmad qazi, salahedin ayobi Publications, Urmia, Iran, 1988.

Kurdish Language and Linguistics A rich site with many links produced by the Kurd_lal Committee in U. He discusses noun and verb inflection and illustrates the concept of ergativity in Kurmanji Kurdish (Kurdica editor)." Grammar of the Kurmanji or Kurdish Language By E.

Kurdish is a member of the Western Iranian branch of Indo-European languages.Approximately 26 million people speak Kurdish in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Afghanistan.Kurdish Worldwide Resources "KWR Believes in an Independent Kurdistan." Links (not all functioning) to Kurds and Kurdistan, Land and Ecology, Nation, History Language, Literature and more.Kurdistan Web From About on English version: "The Kurdistan Web (Kur Web) is a platform providing independent information on Kurds and their human heritage." Link here for Kurdish version.Kurdish Links Kurdish News, Links and Resources, Kurdish Organizations, Institutes and Political Parties, Journals and Newspapers, Good Home Pages, Miscellaneous. Kurdish Language Search Large collection of sites, many of which are noted below.Kurdish Virtual Academy of Language Very rich site with articles in English on Alphabet, Grammar, Dialects, etc. A Short Grammar of Kurmanji Kurdish "This is a short grammar of Kurmanji Kurdish from Baran Rizgar dictionary of Kurdish-English and English Kurdish [Rizgar 1993].