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There are far more pretty people on Capitol Hill than we can show you here, but here are 40 more of the "most beautiful people on Captiol Hill." Other than the Top 10 , the rest of these beautiful people are Age: 30 Hometown: Charles Town, W. Political Party: Democrat Dating status: Married to Dave Rouser Aarti Nayak, scheduler for Rep. During college at Virginia Tech, she and a friend wrote blurbs on astrological signs for the Eccentric, a student newspaper — they were called the “psychic sisters.” At any rate, she doesn’t look one bit “psychic.” The first-generation American from an Indian family twirls her dark, curly hair, which her friends have compared to singer-model Toni Braxton’s locks. She said one of their past interns participated in pageants and waved the Miss America wave. When asked if she was single, she obviously contemplated lying.

Julia Carson (D-Ind.), doesn’t like skiing one bit, but that’s where she met her husband, Dave — on the slopes. It’s not that she has a problem with being unattached — she said she’s OK with her dating status.

Nayak reads astrological signs, although she’s not a fervent believer. When it comes to beauty, Nayak is gently scornful of contests and pageants. Age: 26Hometown: Indianapolis Political party: Democrat Dating status: Single Adria Crutchfield does not like to reveal her dating status.

But when she imagined the word “single” appearing in print beside her photo, it reminded her uncomfortably of a personals ad.

She’s not spending her time looking for a boyfriend. The fresh-faced woman with dark skin and corkscrew curls wants people to know she’s “not frivolous.” Crutchfield works as the Deputy Director of Member Services for the Democratic Caucus.

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