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I have few but important goals like graduating college and getting established in my career because you never know who you are going to meet or where they are going to take you, but I have a very strong head on my shoulders and I know that whoever I meet and where ever I go, it will be on to bigger and better things.

If your profile does say that you want children, IM hesitant to respond due to the fact I do not want children it D be a waste.

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Personally I rank this site among the best hookup sites out there, maybe the only one I prefer is but its very close between the two.I use them both actually as part of my overall online dating method, which works pretty well for me most of the time and im happy to share in case its of interest, for any one who is having issues getting replies or setting up sex meetings. Set up free accounts with a few hookup sites and find which ones have a good number of members in your area, dont bother filling in profile until you know its worth spending time on (you can use any sites but id suggest the two I use and BN) 2.Spend time on your profile, add a few pics, try to be funny but also dont be scared to talk about likes and dislikes.Be patient because no matter what the ads say, no site gets you instant sex.It takes time, chats and a whole lot of patience but the key is to get the ball rolling 6.Become a messaging maniac contact as many women on the two sites as you can and youll have a better chance of getting talking with one or two.