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With an easy-to-use Scanner and a Guard that scans in the background Trojan Hunter is a must-have complement to your virus scanner.

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Trojan Hunter is an advanced trojan scanner and toolbox, that searches for and removes trojans from your system.

It uses several proven methods to find a wide variety of trojans such as file scanning, port scanning, memory scanning and registry scanning.

The difference to many other trojan scanners is that Trojan Hunter also allows you to add custom trojan definitions and detection rules using the easy to understand dialogs.

It includes several additional tools, including a Net Stat viewer, Memory String Extractor, Process Viewer, Auto-Start Explorer and various plug-ins for advanced users.

Trojan Hunter comes with a Live Update features that keeps the Trojan signatures current.

Trojan Hunter is a powerful application designed to detect and remove trojans.With its unique scan engine capable of searching every hiding spot on your computer for trojans, you can be assured of having the most advanced trojan protection available.Featuring an intuitive user interface and a scanner capable of thoroughly examining your files, system registry, open ports and running processes it gives you all-round protection against trojans.Using this technique, Trojan Hunter is able to find any packed variation of a trojan.• Registry scanning searches through the Windows registry for any autostart or configuration entry belonging to a trojan.• The port scan alerts you if any port that is open on the system matches one known to be used by a trojan.