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In this tutorial I will show you how you can integrate struts, spring and hibernate in your web application. The Spring is light weight, non-invasive Io C Container and AOP framework.

Spring framework is developed to simplify the developed of enterprise applications in Java technologies. It provides support for JPA, Hibernate, Web services, Schedulers, Ajax, Struts, JSF and many other frameworks.

It is an open source framework begin developed by Spring source company. The Spring MVC components can be used to developed MVC based web applications.

A full sample application allows you to apply many of the technologies and techniques covered in this book and see how they work together.

After reading this definitive book, you'll be armed with the power of Spring to build complex Spring applications, top to bottom.

This book is for experienced Java developers who may be learning Spring for the first time or have minimal exposure to the Spring Framework. It's aimed at those who are active in or plan on getting into enterprise Java application development. leading enterprise Java application development framework for today's Java programmers and developers. It works with other leading open-source, agile and lightweight Java technologies like Hibernate, Groovy, My Batis, and more. Spring now also works with Java EE and JPA 2 as well., you’ll learn Spring basics and core topics, and gain access to the authors’ insights and real–world experiences with remoting, Hibernate, and EJB. Beyond the basics, you'll learn how to leverage the Spring Framework to build various tiers or parts of an enterprise Java application like transactions, the web and presentations tiers, deployment, and much more.