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The effects of physical abuse can be both acute and far-reaching.The immediate effect of physical abuse may be a bruise or a cut, but the long-term effect may be drastic - like post-traumatic stress disorder.Moreover, the effects of physical abuse can be felt by loved ones and, especially, children of both the victim and abuser.

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The effects of physical abuse on a pregnancy include: Unfortunately, some of the longest-lasting and most debilitating effects of physical abuse are psychological in nature.

Depression is the primary psychological response to physical abuse but drug and alcohol abuse is also common.

Abused women have a 16-times greater risk of abusing alcohol and a 9-times greater risk of abusing drugs when compared to non-abused women.

The short-term effects of physical abuse are typically obvious and treatable by an emergency room physician or other healthcare provider.

They can range from cuts, bruises, broken bones and other physical maladies.

There are long-term physical abuse effects from these injuries as well, however.Unfortunately, many of the injuries sustained from physical abuse affect the victim as they grow older.The long-term effects of physical abuse include: See more information on Signs of Physical Abuse.Other physical illnesses, such as diabetes, may be worsened due to physical abuse as the victim may have been denied access to care.Murder and suicide are also frequently associated with physical abuse.Pregnancies are also frequently impacted by physical abuse.