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In this episode Robert and Ashley talk about how convenience stores are actually banning "extreme couponers" in their stores, the new expert panel with special guest and lawyer Stephen Kaplan shares his tips on collecting from non-paying customers and ...In this episode Ashley, Robert and Leah talk about how you can start a business with little or no money.

Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbott were married in 1976 and had a son named Raphael together in 1976.

Robert adopted Diahnne's daughter Drena from a previous relationship.

The Business Beware Show is the edgy, non-fluff show for business owners and customers that will bring you business humor, customer service with a twist, business advice and interviews with small business owners from all over.

Hosted by father/daughter duo Robert and Ashley Bodi, who are small business owners that walk in the shoes of everyday business owners, know all about the ups and downs of what it's like to own a business.

Robert and Ashley discuss important tips about branding your business online and knowing when to not bring personal issues into your business brand.

Stuck on Stupid features an example about a current congressman exposing his personal life and how it h...Ashley and Robert discuss why it's important to pre-qualify a customer before a job.Ashley and Robert talk about how to bring your small business brand to life and actually using social media as a "communication tool" to give your business a voice.In the Stuck on Stupid segment they share and talk about a video clip that was sent to ...Robert and Ashley discuss a recent video they found called "Dating Your Customer" but offer their advice on why you should have a long term relationship with them rather than just "dating" them.Stuck on Stupid is all about Stew Leonard's rock and the ...