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I am into just about anything and will try out anything once. A few of my favorite past times Md C1u4tabbo2_r1_500 Loves tight thing so you might say my motto could be "Tighter the Better." Much, much more attracted to older maternally inclined women especially, worldly,experienced and wise. Been away for some time now due to a few personal problems and long working hours, however I have returned once again and looking to continue being a Dom. I'm looking to have some fun with you beautiful ladies and maybe even make some new friends!I understand that this site has been on and off for some time now, so if you were my sub before or w... Which means - I'm geeky, cool and not like the other teachers. I consider myself a gentleman, but I'm certainly not to get down and naughty.

I enjoy chatting about interesting stuff; that st... I want to feel bad for what I do to you, I want you to feel good for how bad I treat you. Avid roleplayer with a wide range of kinks and interests.

Looking for someone with few limits which to have some fun with online. Honestly, I am virtually limitless, I tend to go for whatever I sounds like fun at the moment. As me what I am into and maybe we can set up a scene! Hello Everyone, I've been here before but that was before the months of no babble.

I'm hoping to find some of my old friends and maybe some new ones.

Currently in a poly relationship with a wonderful woman who ...

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Looking for a naughty fun friend to chat with and maybe more. I'm a nice, sweet, kind guy with a dark kinky streak bubbling just below the surface.A friend once used the term "sexual chameleon", and I like it.who want to practise their English speaking skills online!Check on the list who is currently online and just call him using Skype, MSN, ICQ or Yahoo!You can also fill in your profile to apear on the list and wait for other person's call. 36 year old gamer geek who loves Wo W (havent played in a year or two, finally broke the habit), anime, manga, D&D, heavy metal, and just about any thing culture related.