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Damascus ranks among the world's oldest cities.In fact, it is supposed to be the most ancient city that has been continually inhabited.

The Azem Palace, once home to the Ottoman governor, Assad Pasha-al Azem, ranks among the most enchanting palaces in the old city.

It reflects the typical 18th century style of architecture; many of the rooms hold interesting items that depict traditional culture and crafts.

No trip to Syria would be complete without a dip in a hammam (a Turkish bath).

The most popular ones among Western tourists are the Nur-al-Din Bath, which is found between Straight Street and Azem Palace and the Bakri Bath, which can be reached by taking the first right after reaching the Old City at Bab Touma. A rage with the Damascenes, these caf├ęs are easy to find and are an excellent way to savour the local culture first hand.

Step in to mingle with the locals drinking tea, playing backgammon and perennially smoking hookas.

Viewing the entire city from the Mount Qasioun peak is an absolute must for tourists.You can see the whole city from this vantage point by visiting the peak at any time.Though consisting of an assorted medley of communities, traditions and political systems, Damascus retains a strange sense of unity amidst its diversity.Our Damascus Destination Guide below shows you the highlights of a trip to this beautiful city.History buffs will love the fascinating range of archaeological treasures on offer, which are best explored on an interesting Damascus tour.Our Syria Country Guide provides you with general travel information for planning your trip, and you should also check out what there is to see and do in Syria's neighbouring countries, Jordan and Lebanon.