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Use of Our Services You are granted permission to use the ROBLOX site, services and features from your first login.Guest logins are limited in what they are allowed to do on our site, but registering and creating an account grants you full use of all features by age group.Account Protection and Personal Information You are responsible for the protection of your account and personal information.

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Forums and Message Boards Forums and message boards are covered by the same general rules as all areas of the ROBLOX site.

In addition to general behavior rules above, forums and message boards have some more specific rules that apply only to those areas.

All of the rules in the sections above apply to ALL the ROBLOX forums.

You should guard both your account and your personal information from others as well.

What Not to Post There are many places around ROBLOX to make posts or otherwise communicate with your fellow players.

All of the below rules apply to any area of the website where you are able to post content except where a specific area is directly mentioned.This includes, but is not limited to, the forums, titles of items/games/groups, descriptions of items/games/groups, user blurbs, status updates, comments, chat, etc.(RROC) Use of the ROBLOX website and the features contained within are by permission of ROBLOX Corporation.Permission to use our site and features may be revoked at any time for any reason by ROBLOX.By agreeing to the ROBLOX Terms and Conditions at sign up, users also agree to conduct themselves according the is an outline of rules for acceptable and appropriate behavior on our site.We constantly strive to make ROBLOX a safe and enjoyable place for everyone and your adherence to these rules will help us make and keep it so. You are expected to abide by the spirit of these rules. It is not possible to list absolutely every little rule and rules lawyers who try to find loopholes to get away with bad behavior are not appreciated.