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During the rainy season they relocate the northern side of the Tyland Island into the swamp region.

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Around the 1830's the British migrated to the Tyland island and discovered the Deerbra.

Realizing that they were impossible to hunt due to their impenetrable hide the settlers were forced to leave them alone. Having no natural predators the Deerbra normally dies from natural causes or lack of nutrition.

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The Deerbra only mates during the winter months of December and January and the females reproduce new offspring during the third week of each month.

Their distinctive matting call is a soft murmur that only other deerbra can hear.

Young baby Deerbra survives by drinking milk from their male fathers for their daily nutrients.At the age of 3 months the Deerbra begins to run as well as hunt pray.Deerbra (Scientific Name: Cervidae Equus Uagga ) The Deerbra is located in the grasslands of Ervinston, which is in the lower edge of the Tyland island.These nocturnal creatures spend most of their lives inside their burrows, but during the night they come out and roam thee entire island.Being half deer and half zebra their fur is a unique gold with black stripes.Their hooves are 8 inches round in circumference and shaped like the human heart.