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I enterd this site because i have a problem regarding some of my work for planning a WLAN with authentification on RADIUS server with Active Directory .First of all i must say i'm not so familiar with terms like active directory or EAP-TLS or something like that but i have read bout it.

What are the problems that can occur when i set my DNS??

And why i can't set my radio button "allow acces through acces policies"???

How do i configure the routing and remote acces control to allow conection for wireless lan client through my wireless router.

It's a problem that i am now in a networrk behind a proxy server? If someone can tell me or make me a guideline how to do that please help me , It's very important to do this in few days .

After configuring IAS and active directory i created a group "acces wireles" and one client of this group.

I want to make an authentification on a radius server for one wireless client by using PEAP and MSCHAP v2.The radius server and the client must be in the same domain???I configured the client to comunicate with my router (TRENDNET TEW-432BRP) via PEAP and MSCHAP v2 and the router to send all the request to radius server where i created a client (router) and made some acces policy.In active directory i created a group and one user of that group.When i try to connect i get a response first "conected " then "validating identity " and when i enter the credentials i get the message "unable to log you on the server".Also a problem is that i cannot check the radio button "allow acces through remote acces policy" Just allow and deny .