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Today, with the goal of getting to the bottom of this problem, I did some troubleshooting with the projector.Long story short, turns out that the latest n Vidia Geforce Go 7400 driver was the cause.

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The other devices are built-in and are harder to physically remove. As of now, the first and last two issues are not there.

Will update this section on how it goes with the 2nd issue.

UPDATE - Webcam Found out that it was a webcam problem after installing XP to the second partition and the problem persisted. Living with it for now, now rarely shutting down my laptop and leaving it on stand by. UPDATE 9 July 2008 - No Stereo Mix It has been rumored (confirmed with my XPS M1210) that Dell laptops using the Sigma audio chipset (that includes XPS models) are missing a "Stereo Mix" aka as "What You Hear" recording source so users are not able to record whatever that is coming out of the speakers due to RIAA influence.

This guide lists some tips and tricks that you can use with the Dell XPS, Inspiron, Latitude and Studio line of products such as M1210, M1330, M1410, M1530, M1730, and M2010 models notebook to give you a richer experience.

I got my Dell XPS M1210 from Dell Singapore, so configurations may slightly vary.

Many of these tips can also be applied to other laptop brands such as HP, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, Sony, etc. Booting up your system requires lots of CPU and hard disk activity.Good Things However, I can't assure you that disabling the devices saves considerable battery power. By the way, a quick shortcut for XPS M1210 to standby is to hit the Fn and Esc keys on your keyboard UPDATE - Random Problems Having major problems with the Dell Logitech Quick Cam that is integrated into the laptop.Dell offered to replace the webcam for me and it has been working properly for now. UPDATE - Bluetooth Culprit Narrowed it down to either a rusty bluetooth module (the left side where the screw is, is rusted) or a wireless switch that turns itself on depending on the stable environment. Also, another rumor is that Dell’s XPS M1330 and M1530 laptops using the Geforce 8x line of mobile chipsets have a high rate of failure.I wonder whether the time I use this laptop affects the life of the webcam, since the webcam is always-on whenever the laptop is on. The system boots up with the System process at 99% CPU usage. Now I disabled the "Dell Wireless 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology" in Device Manager and the problem seems to be gone again. UPDATE - Webcam Torture Restarting the laptop is a risk. Everytime the XP progress bar disappears and just before it switches the LCD resolution, about 75% of the time, it will hang there. UPDATE 3 October 2009 - VGA output to projector fails Recently, I had been having problems outputting the display to an external projector with my XPS M1210.This does not occur if I switch off the wireless before powering on. The funny thing is, when I went back home and tried it on a CRT display, it worked without any problems.Even enabling the wireless after switching on the laptop brings the System process to 100 percent. Disabling the webcam seems to be resolving the issue for the past 3 days. Perplexed, I thought it is the motherboard problem and Dell replaced it for me without much questions. Morever, I noticed the battery usage is much faster than before (3 hours vs 5.5 hours on 9 cell), with the fan almost always spinning.