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All the other private parts are there, too, jiggling around for viewers to ogle, but they’re digitally fuzzed out, which leaves us with butts. No, at my initial interview, I asked if I would be naked, and they said I’d be very covered. Things get personal; there’s some making out and hooking up.Contestants go on a series of blind dates where both parties are totally nude, then choose which guy or gal they’d like to pursue. It was just my freshman year, because at some point, I had to get a job and pay my expenses. I work out six days a week, and I was ready for a bikini, but they weren’t interested. The success of may have paved the way for this show. We have an impressive track record—six of the couples are still dating! Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean it’s sexual. But let’s face it, it is a show where people are naked, so there’s a bit of voyeurism and sensationalism.Along the way, they may ride horses, shower together, kiss, or even bump uglies. That sounds like the nude Betazoid wedding of Lwaxana Troi on . We’re a twist on a classic dating show formula—and it’s so crazy that it works. But what a lot of people are saying is “You might have hooked me with the nudity, but now I’m following the contestants and their journeys.” Their stories and vulnerability and relationships come out when you get rid of clothing.

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We have privacy, and we’re not in the way of other guests. I was around six naked bodies and trying to pay attention to what I was supposed to be paying attention to. Two of the contestants decided that they really found something, and they wanted to take it to the next level.

There were stretches of beach that were empty, so our daters could be naked. But eventually, all that exposure desensitizes you, and it becomes no big deal.

It’s extra hot and humid in Panama, and it’s actually the better option to be naked—you just sweat through your clothes anyway. In one episode, a guy named Cole got bit on the testicles by an ant.

I guess you might say that being naked on a first date immediately puts the participants in the mode of a fourth or fifth date. It’s more difficult to present yourself in a certain light and fake it…

While most of us wait a date or two before taking it all off, the potential partners on this show get it over with immediately -- and Amy thinks it's a pretty great way to start a relationship!

See what she told toofab's Brittany Kyles in the video above. Check out an extended trailer for the show below -- and find out if these couples find love in the buff when "Dating Naked" kicks off Thursday, July 17 on VH1.Amy -- who's married to Drew Seeley -- won't be going on any nude outings anytime soon, but does think the series allows individuals to show their true selves without hiding behind their i Phones ... It’s a raw, vulnerable situation, and people bring up things that might not ordinarily be revealed until the fourth or fifth or sixth date. This seems to me like it would be harder for the guys. Seriously, no pun intended.) It’s easier for a woman to tell when a man is turned on, and that happens part of the time on this show. Like a first date (or a second or a third), this series doesn't want to stay too long at the party. Tonight is being billed as a "wedding special." We assume, blithely because we have no real facts to back this up, that it will be a naked wedding. Of course, we wonder if that means that all the guests have to be naked as well. Amy Paffrath is helping people find love in the craziest way possible!The bubbly TV personality is the host of VH1's new reality series, "Dating Naked," and she's dishing details on what to expect on the show.