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These leaders were then notified that there would "be a meeting of all sophomore girls interested in promoting freshman and sophomore scholarship and activities in the Heinz House, Tuesday, November 7, 1922, at o'clock." It was agreed that such a society ought be given a Greek letter name, but like Druids, have a name that would "stand out because it was different." It was agreed also that sincere effort must be made by such a society "to foster activities for all freshman and sophomore women" and to select for membership in the spring of the freshman year those freshmen who displayed the finest Pitt spirit, showed good scholarship, and expressed interest in activities through fine participation in them.Elizabeth Zeigler then moved that "this group present proceed to form an organization for sophomore women leaders and elect temporary officers." The motion was carried unanimously.Agnes Hewitt was elected temporary chairman, and Jean Ballou, temporary officer. Agnes Hewitt then took the chair and Miss Amos took her place as member of the group.

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After much discussion, "Cwens" was chosen as the name, and the scepter and crown as the emblem.

The first members of this society were: In June of 1976, we were notified of Title IX and that we must reorganize and admit male members.

This was a difficult task set before us since we ourselves were new to the organization.

On November 3, 1922, Elizabeth Zeigler and Jean Ballou of the Class of 1925, and Thyrsa W.

Amos, Dean of Women, discussed informally the advisability of organizing a sophomore honor society for women leaders of student activities at the .

In 1920, a chapter of Druids, a sophomore honor society for men, had been installed at the University, and this had raised the question of a similar society for women.Miss Amos suggested that the question be referred for final decision to women of the sophomore class active in the various undergraduate organizations for women.On Friday, November 17, reports were given and action taken on some of them.The Committee on Name reported that they had gone to Anglo-Saxon and Sanskrit sources for names.The Committee proposed three names: Cwens, Anglo-Saxon, meaning "lady" or "queen"; Sanskrit for "bond" or "band"; Witan, Anglo-Saxon for "leaders" or "wise men".The emblems suggested were: a tiny branch of mistletoe to be done in green and white enamel; a crown resting upon a scepter to be done in gold; a circlet of green enamel mistletoe leaves surrounding a monogram of gold letters indicating the name of the society.