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Since The Last Dragon, Taimak has appeared in a number of TV roles and over a dozen plays.Taimak later appeared in a number of TV roles and music videos including the lead male in Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait Awhile" music video, Debbie Allen's "Special Look" video.

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Taimak has also worked with a number of celebrities including Madonna and starred in the play Cheaters, which toured the United States. READ MORE The 46-year-old resurfaced in the Big Apple on Tuesday, looking defensive.

He also starred in a hit Off-Broadway show in 2004 called Roadhouse The Comedy, based on the Patrick Swayze film Road House. Taimak's last name is Guarriello and is half Italian American and half African American.

In addition to The guy who played Bruce Leroy in the 80's cult-classic movie "The Last Dragon" proved he's still the baddest this weekend in California ...

Taimak Guarriello is one of the icons in the field of martial arts.

Taimak (pronounced Tie-Mock) Guarriello (born June 27, 1964) is a martial arts actor and stuntman, best known as Leroy Green in the 1985 martial arts film The Last Dragon.

He was born in New York, to an African American mother, and an Italian father.Taimak's leading role in Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, in which he played Leroy Green, a Bruce Lee-inspired martial artist in search of "The Glow", was his first major break in acting.The film was a financial success and grossed more than $25 million at the box office.An actor, stuntman, and instructor, this multi-hyphenated man has done anything he has set his mind to.Mastering the art of self-defense takes time, effort, and plenty of endurance.In the end, Taimak was able to overcome all that and became the inspiration of other aspiring martial arts students.