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Reveal caught up with Taj, Taryll and TJ to discuss the reality show, as well as their thoughts on the other bands, whether father Tito had any wise words and what TJ thinks of ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian's fame! Taryll: "We're most excited about being in front of the fans again. We love them so much and just to be able to be in front of them and be on stage again, doing what we love and doing it for the people that we love, that's exciting."What made you want to reunite in this way and why now?Taryll: "It doesn't really feel like a big reunion for us because firstly, were brothers, and we never actually separated as a group, broke up or stopped doing music.

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Taryll: "Well, we all have individual projects as well.

Taj was working on a film and TJ had side projects too, but we never split up. We have done solo projects but we've never 'gone solo' or stopped being a group."I totally prefer recording with my brothers.

It feels like home and that's what is so fun about this and being able to be on stage with them again."What did your dad think of you doing this show?

On the show, the next generation of Jacksons discusses the importance of protecting the family and the family legacy.

[TJ Jackson Is Legal Guardian of Michael Jackson’s 3 Children] TJ is the youngest but has the most responsibility.

He is the father of four – Royal (2000), Dee (2009), Jojo (2010) and Rio -- and stepdad to his wife Frances’s two children from her previous relationship (Sage and Alexcia Mack, both in their early 20s).Sage and Alexcia's father is executive Travis Mack who named his IT company Saalex Solutions after his children.On the show, TJ manages to find time to celebrate his wedding anniversary with Frances.this year and have finally shed some light on to their previous struggles in the industry, as well as what it was like growing up in the Jackson family.Taj, Taryll and TJ - sons of Tito Jackson - shared their emotional story on last week's episode of the popular ITV2 show and opened up about their personal life, including the tragic deaths of their mother Delores and their incredibly famous uncle Michael.The group also battled with their record label and faced a number of hurdles that eventually prevented them from continuing with their career, but now they are back and making up for lost time by joining Damage, Girl Thing, Eternal, A1 and new band 5th Story on .