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In all such cases it is understood that in every case there is a range of effects or behaviour from one end of a spectrum to the other, that what applies to one does not apply to another.So while the statements made in the report apply to a whole group or population, they cannot be said to apply to all individuals or to specific individuals.

The new material deals with how sex affects the individual, with sexual restraint and control, and with the evolution and current role of the family and of its members.

This report does not discuss the role or activities of Women's Liberation or Feminist movements but includes sections on fundamental aspects of family life, and of the role of women in family and society.

In other words, it discusses the kind of aspects which underlie such movements and which these movements aim to change.

In this report are statements about effects on people, or how people respond, on how people behave, and so on.

The report investigates casual sex and its effects on individuals, family and community.

It also investigates dominance and confrontation within the family and in the working environment, how men and women relate to each other, and the role of the family in bringing up children.This report examines root causes of major social problems and shows how to resolve the problems by dealing with their basic causes.Relevant Current and Associated Works Relevant Subject Index Pages and Site Overview The report pulls together information from earlier reports and adds some important sections.Its ancient and primitive part is the innermost reptilian brain.Next evolved the mammalian brain by adding new functions and new ways of controlling the body.Then evolved the third part of the brain, the neocortex, the grey matter, the bulk of the brain in two symmetrical hemispheres, separate but communicating.