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Just to tease them I asked, “So what’s in it for me?” My wife Gloria repeated, “Midnight skinny dipping after the girls are asleep!” I didn’t say anything I just shrugged my shoulders. Donna, please get me another glass of wine.” I watched as everyone started to get up and move about.

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Long Hot Summer It was going to be a scorching summer with all of the talk about global warming.

All I know is the hotter it gets the less clothing girls wear and I’m surrounded by girls!

I have a wife, two daughters, and a sister-in-law that live with me. They had it all worked out as to saving money going to the beach and tanning booths.

My wife Gloria is thirty-six years old, my daughter Donna is sixteen years old, my daughter Laura is fifteen years old, and my sister-in-law Tina is thirty years old. They talked about lounging around the pool, lying in the sun, and hanging out together.

My wife even suggested midnight skinny dipping after the girls are asleep.

Well I had already checked out the possibility of installing a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a privacy fence.I could afford it and had already arranged for construction to start in a couple of weeks.It was to be a surprise so they didn’t know about it yet.” My daughter Donna said, “If you let me stay up that late I’ll join you for that skinny dipping too! ” So I suggested, “Well what if we just agreed that there would be no clothes or suits in the pool area? ” Tina said, “It’ll be our very own nudists resort! ” I patted Gloria and Tina on their pussies and said, “How about you two getting the dishes done early tonight? Laura came back and sat next to me as she slipped the paper and pen in front of me.” Gloria and Tina agreed right away but Laura asked, “What about our friends? My daughter Donna unbuttoned her blouse and removed it then unhooked her bra and removed that too. I never thought that Donna would let me see her tits but she really wanted that swimming pool. My wife Gloria looked at my daughter Laura and the two of them started to unbutton their blouses too. ” Tina said, “Perhaps we should have a few extra bikinis in the changing room for guests! Donna leaned over the table to hand me my glass of wine then sat on the chair on her knees.” My daughter Laura said, “Suppose we are just naked in the pool area when you are home? ” My sister-in-law Tina stood up, pulled her T-shirt up over her head, and sat back down. I had seen my wife’s tits thousands of times so I just kept watching Laura. ” Donna asked, “What if we have friends here when Daddy comes home? I liked the way her tits looked as she leaned over.